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"It's still very early days, but they are certainly quieter than some of our other units and they appear to be good on fuel."

"However, the big advantage we expect is that they will be significantly less expensive to maintain in terms of the cost of replacement parts and servicing."

Tony Madden, - Maddens Refrigerated Transport, Harden NSW



Quality Transport Refrigeration ServicesClick here for full editorial

“The team at QTRS understand that we rely on the Pegasus refrigeration systems to keep our customers’ cargo at exactly the right temperature, so they take their job seriously and help us do the same.”

Colin Beer,- Detour Logistics, Silvan  Victoria

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“I’ve never had a refrigeration system on that trailer that could pull down to temperature as quickly, and maintain the two temperature zones so easily, – “The Mitsubishi Pegasus is a premium quality product that is reliable, with great back up and support from QTRS. It performs better than other similar spec units,”

Scott Dyer, - Dyers Distribution, Sale Victoria

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“’I have very high standards for trailing technology and is therefore not easily impressed.  “The Pegasus fridges pull down to -18˚C in no time at all, and hold the set temperature with no fluctuations, which is something we have noted other systems struggling with,”

Dealing with QTRS is nothing short of a pleasure, there was no mucking around. The units were delivered and fitted on time. Daniel even flew over to Adelaide from Melbourne to give us some driver training on the systems to ensure we wouldn’t have any problems,”

Darrell Eade, - Darrell Eades Transport, Adelaide S.A.

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“We chose the Mitsubishi units because we are always looking for better outcomes in terms of our equipment, so we can maintain our reliability, we need to be able to run the equipment without interruption and be able to monitor our temperatures and humidity. Mitsubishi tick all the boxes and gives us all the features we need.

The Mitsubishi units have been operating exceptionally well in fact they have been excellent, and the aesthetic profile is great. The ability to maintain the pre-set temperature and humidity has been consistent. We can put any load of produce in the truck and know that the units will maintain the right temperature for the entire journey.”

Noel Ryles,- MKD Transcorp, Sydney N.S.W.

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Quality Transport Refrigeration Services partnered with

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems

To expand its dealer network, Supporting the sales and maintenance of Mitsubishi refrigeration units for trucks and trailers australia-wide.