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With Mitsubishi’s TE and TEJ models the future is now, with our all-electric refrigeration systems combining the themes of environment and efficiency at the highest level.

The all-electric MITSUBISHI TE30 and TE30 Multi with its three power sources, Alternator, Battery and 240v electric standby, switches automatically between them to provide continual operation even with the vehicle engine is off. The alternator and battery power sources allows the TE30 to adjust itself to the conditions of your vehicle while always providing 100% cooling capacity along with consuming as little energy as possible regardless of the speed of your vehicle engine. The TE30 battery operation allows for the vehicle engine to be turned off during a delivery which maintains the temperature of the cargo and lowers your vehicle operation and maintenance costs, The TE30 has extremely low-noise operation making it the perfect choice for the inner-city, urban, and home delivery vehicles.


Advantages of the TE30


  • Available in single or multi temp with 3 different evaporator configurations available for multi temp.
  • Multiple OEM spec installations components available.
  • Suitable for home delivery, ice cream, seafood, dairy and all other inner city delivery vehicles where multiple doors are required.

timer function

  • Precooling is available via the timer function (when plugged into power supply only) this allows for precooling of the cargo area to happen before the driver arrives at work, saving time and labour costs.

easy maintenance

  • The TE30 system is fully sealed requiring refrigerant hoses and a twin rotary hermetic compressor resulting is reduced chance of refrigerant leaks and a virtually maintenance free refrigeration system.
  • With 150,000 kilometre alternator belt life expectancy (when genuine OEM belt fitted) and 300,00 kilometre alternator life expectancy maintenance on TE is minimal.
  • Battery life expectancy is up to 5 years when serviced annually. 

hyper-inverter technology

  • Mitsubishi’s hyper inverter technology has been tried, tested, and refined for decades in millions of their products, making it exceptionally reliable and highly efficient.



MITSUBISHI TE 30 adapts to the demands of your vehicle, consuming as little energy as possible while delivering maximum output.

100% refrigeration capacity.

No matter the speed of your vehicle engine, you can achieve 100% cooling capacity guaranteeing the optimal temperature of your cargo at all times.


Drive operation via 24V alternator, stand-by operation via 24V battery system for daily delivery activity: The TE 30 automatically switches to battery power so it can function independently of your vehicle’s engine. Electric standby is 240V single phase.

low refrigerant volume.

Due to the exceptionally low refrigerant volume, no annual leak test required. The GWP value is exceptionally low due to the more environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant.

low cost.

With the 24v alternator’s life expectancy of more than 300,000 kilometres and alternator belt with 150,000 kilometre replacement interval results in the lowest lifecycle costs of any small truck refrigeration unit available today.


The fully functional but easy to operate in-cab controller with easy-to-read LCD display has four pre-set target set point function and USB data port for easy historical data retrieval as well as battery level indicator always provides the operator critical system information at their fingertips.


Technical Specs

Model ID
Cooling capacity (ATP tested)
Hermetic twin rotary compressor Hermetic compressor (3D Scroll)  Hermetic compressor (3D scroll) Hermetic compressor (3D scroll) 
@ 0°C
3,019 Watt 4,300 Watt 11,400 Watt 12,966 Watt
@ -20°C
1,170 Watt 2,200 Watt 4,700 Watt 7,599 Watt
R410A, 1.3kg R410A, 1.7kg R410A, 5.9kg R410A
Air flow
732㎥/h 1,974㎥/h 3,430㎥/h 3,430㎥/h
177kg* 102.5kg 255.8kg 289kg

Please note the TE30, TEJ50 and TEJ130 are also available in multi-temp. *Condenser, evaporator, alternator, batteries & fixing materials.


TEJ50, TEJ100 & TEJ130

coming soon

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Mitsubishi's electric TEJ nose mount unit offers a wide range of advantages.


Advantages of the TEj

optimal weight distribution

  • The TEJ nose mount units have an incredibly low weight for their high cooling capacity.

more cargo space

  • Zero-intrusion evaporators into the cargo area, the TEJ nose mount units allow the entire box to be used and maximum payload obtained.

maximum reliability

  • Mitsubishi’s inverter and hyper inverter technology has been tried, tested, and refined for decades in millions of products, making it exceptionally reliable and highly efficient.

environmentally friendly

  • The fully electric TEJ nose mount units guarantee minimal environmental impact with high reliability and low maintenance. Their closed refrigeration circuits ensure low lifecycle costs.



future proof

Pure electric TEJ nose mount units will serve you today and well into the future meeting R10 and R100 compliance as well as operating noise levels well below 60DbA.