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Tfv series


do you expect more? the Mitsubishi TFV150GA exceeds expectation and raises the bar!

Have you always expected more from your trailer refrigeration equipment, but you had been left disappointed when expectations were not met? The look is over, the new Mitsubishi TFV150 exceeds expectations while delivering more, being one of the most modern transport refrigeration systems in its class, the TFV150GA provides complete customer satisfaction in meeting the high demands in the aspects of everyday logistics.

Industry leading fuel consumption, user-friendly, yet fully functional controller with LCD display and USB, environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A, the unique Mitsubishi engine-generator system with single speed low RPM engine, the highly efficient, hermetic compressor, and the unique inverter control, the combination of these features of the Mitsubishi TFV150 offers operators a highly efficient trailer refrigeration unit that is extremely quiet and incredibly easy to operate.

With heat pump architecture, the TFV150 has extremely high heating capacity that delivers the quickest defrost times in the industry, incredibly quick defrosts eliminates precious cargo temperature variation and maximises efficiency. The combination of these many features gives the customer a highly efficient  and environmentally friendly transport refrigeration system.  

The Mitsubishi TFV150 semi-trailer cooling unit meets all these current market requirements with features and functions that exceed the fussiest operator has the highest level of reliability, durability and boasts the lowest of life cycle cost in its class.


Advantages of the TFV150

lowest cost of ownership

  • The TFV150GA has incredibly low maintenance costs with its long-life components and fewer service parts.
  • Low cost to operate due to its single speed engine and Mitsubishi inverter technology provides operators industry leading fuel economy.
  • When matched with one of our standard or tailored maintenance programs the cost of ownership is reduced even further.
  • More time on the road and less downtime from Mitsubishi's proven reliability and durability utterly secures the TFV150GA as having the lowest lifecycle cost in its class. 

quickest defrost in the industry

  • Thanks to optimum heat pump technology, the TFV150GA has incredibly high heating capacity for very quick defrosts 3 to 5 minute maximum.
  • The extremely quick defrost of the TFV150GA means it gets back to cooling the temperature sensitive cargo a lot more quickly than comparative units.
  • The defrost duration is so quick that the frequency of defrosts can be increased to guarantee the system operates at its peak performance the entire time temperature sensitive cargo is being carted.
  • The TFV150GA defrost is available from manual defrost, timed defrost or forced automatic defrost.

modern, light and slim

  • The modern styling of the TFV150GA panels and frame are practical and functional, the top panels provide protection to the outside heat exchangers from bugs and other debris keeping the coils clean and damage free.
  • The panels are secured with anti-tamper screws and the front service doors by a door lock preventing unwanted unit tampering and prevents the panels and doors opening mid transit.
  • The TFV150GA at 770kg, is exceptionally light but boasts powerful cooling capacity.
  • Light weight gives operators greater payload capabilities for every load.
  • At only 440mm deep and very thin evaporator compartment, makes for a perfect fit for both modern day single trailers and B Double combinations.

environmentally friendly

  • The refrigerant R410A inside the TFV150GA has one of the lowest Global Warming Potential values of all refrigerants used in modern day TRU's.
  • The highly efficient components and design of the TFV150GA means only small amount of refrigerant is needed.
  • The TFV150GA fuel efficiency is class leading thanks to the Mitsubishi inverter technology and single speed of the engine, less fuel usage results in less Co2 emissions.
  • For even more efficiency, electric standby is standard on all TFV150GA units giving operators the option to save even more on fuel and further reduce their Co2 emissions. 


advance technology.

The Mitsubishi inverter technology controls the Hermetic 3D scroll compressor speed to the temperature of the cargo requirements, controlling the speed of the compressor while maintaining the inside high airflow provides extremely precise temperature control while being most fuel efficient, Mitsubishi inverter technology comes with renowned reputation for efficient and reliability with hundreds of thousands being used in the domestic and commercial air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

incredibly quiet & fuel efficient.

The TFV150GA operates with a constant low engine speed, this gives incredibly quiet operation (below 65dB(A)). The low fuel consumption of the TFV150GA is class leading that also results in reduced Co2 emissions.


The user-friendly controller of the TFV150GA with its LCD display and USB and soft keys is not only one of the easiest to use but is also the only unit in its class to offer four pre-set set points at the touch of one soft key, the timer function gives operators the ability to pre-cool the cargo area in advance to beginning their shift. An industry first, the fuel circulation mode allows for the fuel to be bled up without having to open the doors or use any tools, all with the press of a few soft keys. 

built in battery management system.

The Mitsubishi BMS built into the TFV150GA safeguards against battery discharges when not in use for long time periods, or by telematics system, or if the body interior lights are left turned on, preventing costly service calls or loss of cargo due to a discharged battery. The BMS continually monitors the battery with the unit turned on or off and will recharge the TFV150GA's battery to maintain a 100% SOC.


Technical Specs

Model ID 
tfv2000 mt
Cooling capacity  (ATP tested)
Hermetic 3D Scroll Compressor CR2453LVR-A Reciprocating Compressor CR2453LVR-A Reciprocating Compressor
@ 0°c
14,646 Watt 19,060 Watt max 18,500 Watt (R404A)
@ -20°c
8,080 Watt 9,770 Watt Depending on system configuration
R410A, 5.7kg R452A, 8.0kg  R452A, 10.5kg
Air flow
5,629㎥/h 5,200㎥/h  4,875㎥/h*
770kg 834kg 860kg
Mitsubishi 4-cylinder Yanmar 4-cylinder Yanmar 4-cylinder

 *Evaporator type; L:2,615 ㎥/h, M: 1,314㎥/h, S:914㎥/h.

**Plus; Evaporator L: 50kg, M: 31kg, S: 25kg.

Tfv series

pegasus & pegasus multi

whatever your trailer configuration - one, two or three compartments - the pegasus tfv2000d & pegasus tfv2000dm trailer refrigeration unit can handle the challenge.

Mitsubishi painstakingly developed the Pegasus and Pegasus Multi to provide complete satisfaction and meet every one of your demands from a single or multi-compartment trailer refrigeration system.

The Pegasus series is a true technological accomplishment that reflects the expertise of Mitsubishi and their ability to develop and manufacture this superior refrigeration units for the refrigerated transport industry.

The Pegasus series is one of the most powerful transport refrigeration systems on the market today, not only have Mitsubishi concentrated on the pure power values when developing the Pegasus, but they also set out to develop refrigeration systems that are suited to all areas of the cold chain logistics.

Mitsubishi has always focused on the areas of maintenance, reliability, durability, environmental impact and ease of use.

The Pegasus series includes many innovative ideas, materials and environmental protection devices that help save both energy and cost.

For example, the electronic expansion valves for all compartment evaporators, an exact temperature control device that allows the unit to operate at its optimum, plus maintaining efficiency constantly. The Pegasus Multi is one of the only multi-temperature systems on the market to use electronic expansion valves in all compartment evaporators, which gives the Pegasus Multi faster pull downtimes and better temperature control than any other Multi-temperature units in the market today.

Another example is the microprocessor logic, which allows for advanced service analytics. The Pegasus multi is to be classed as an accurate invertible system (Any set point in any compartment) and the advanced protection modes of "pump-down" and "sleep mode".

When the refrigeration system is turned off, the refrigerant is removed from the compressor and evaporator coil, minimising refrigerant loss and extending the compressors life expectancy and other critical refrigeration components.

When the unit is off for long periods and sleep mode is set, the battery management system ensures the battery is fully charged for when you need it, with an added benefit the compressor seal stays lubricated (dry compressor seals are one of the most common causes of refrigerant loss with other brands).

Lastly, the Pegasus Multi has "furthest from set point priority". The controller constantly monitors and adjusts compartments to obtain the desired set points, maximising efficiency and reducing fuel and energy usage while not sacrificing capacity to the other compartments.

Compare for yourself the benefits of the high cooling capacity, high air volume, low maintenance costs, electronic expansion valves, pre-trip mode, pump-down mode and whisper modes. The Pegasus and Pegasus Multi are manufactured and designed to satisfy the most stringent of operations. 


Advantages of the pegasus

outstanding quality

  • By Mitsubishi using the highest quality materials for manufacturing, we ensure the Pegasus and Pegasus Multi will handle the toughest applications under extreme conditions while guaranteeing exceptional service life and low cost of ownership.
  • Robust frame and panel compartments are characterised by reliable corrosion protection.
  • The Pegasus panels are made of high impact resin materials, have excellent resistance to corrosion, UV deterioration and impact, if damage does occur the panels are often repairable.
  • Mitsubishi assembles the highest levels of reliability and durability for every Pegasus.

low maintenance

  • By incorporating long service life major components and easy to access regular service parts, maintenance times and operating costs are greatly reduced.
  • Extended service intervals provide operators reduced waste and servicing costs.
  • long life belts and pulleys that exceed the industry norm and exceed expectations.


  • To make the Pegasus even more robust and reliable, it utilises proven technology that has been developed and refined over many years such as the controller technology from Mitsubishi's shipping container development for extreme conditions.
  • Advanced service analytics provides the operator with predictive preventive maintenance scheduling.
  • Historical data download is a standard feature.

proven technology

  • The exceptional cooling capacity and reliability of the Pegasus is the result of any years of experience and accumulated knowledge Mitsubishi has in refrigerated transport technology.
  • Pump-down and sleep modes have proven to extend componentry life expectancy and provide operators with the lowest cost of ownership in its class.
  • Compressor unloaders combined with electronic expansion valves provide superior capacity control while maximising efficiency and reducing fuel and energy usage. 


exceptional high cooling capacity.

Will handle the most extreme applications and climates.

high air flow.

For good air distribution and minimal temperature variation in the cargo area.

electronic expansion valve.

Enables precise temperature control, on all compartments. 

self-diagnostic pre-trip.

Increases dependability and avoids downtime.

pump-down mode.

Optimises the refrigeration system.

whisper mode.

Minimises operating noise for urban distribution and driver rest breaks.

low maintenance.

Reduces operating costs.

can be installed on any trailer.