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TDJS series

maximum power for cooling & plenty of cargo space, so that every last box can fit.

The TDJS series are the perfect low-cost solution for 2-pallet ute bodies up to 10-pallet rigid truck bodies & everything in-between. The mono-block design gives more payload capabilities with its external evaporator having no protrusion into the cargo area & the added benefit of being light weight. In additions to its long service life, reliability, robustness, fuel savings & service-friendliness, the TDJS series has an attractive aesthetic design that will not only impress the fussiest of operators, it is also very practical with its aerodynamic shape often providing better vehicle efficiency & better vehicle stability while driving.                                      


Advantages of the tdjs series


  • Multi-Temp available, The TDJS multi features a slim evaporator that is only 148mm high.
  • Electric Stand-by, if required, all TDJS models have the option for electric stand-by, with Mitsubishi's weight optimised and very quiet underfloor-mount electric stand-by kit.
  • Telematics, the user friendly and very practical in-cab controller is telematics ready.

3D scroll compressor

  • The patented Mitsubishi 3D Scroll Compressor provides extremely High output even when the engine is idling, is small in size and extremely lightweight.
  • Efficient, reliable and robust, the Mitsubishi 3D scroll compressor is more efficient and has a longer service life than other compressor types.
  • Seamless integration for almost all Japanese & European vehicles, the TDJS series offer greater reliability with factory approved OEM parts being used for installation, allowing for, in most cases, a complete coverage extended warranty period.


  • A modern, user friendly, and very functional in-cab controller always puts you in full control. You can conveniently adjust settings and read operational information all from the drivers seat with ease.
  • The easy-to-read LCD screen of the in-cab controller also allows for historical data retrieval.
  • 4 pre-set temperature set points can be programmed in standard, reducing the risk of human error when selecting the correct temperature for temperature sensitive cargo. 

less maintenance requirements

  • TDJS models are designed with care of the environment in mind with minimal refrigerant hose required, this reduces servicing requirements.
  • The maintenance-free evaporator fan motors are fully enclosed to provide reliable and highly efficient continuous operation for many, many years.
  • Mitsubishi assemble the TDJS series with the highest quality components available, this is how we guarantee highest levels of reliability and durability for every TDJS.


lowest cost of life. The TDJS series offers operators the "lowest cost of life" of any direct drive unit in today's market. From maintenance free evaporator fan motors to patented 3D scroll compressor the service requirements are less than other equipment on the market.


The modern in-cab controller with it's easy to read LCD display always puts you in full control. With the ability to use 4 pre-set temperature set points and historical data retrieval at an ease the TDJS series are amongst the most user-friendly units available today.

more payload.

With no protrusion into the cargo area and being lightweight the TDJS series offer more payload capabilities, more payload equates to more income capabilities for the operator each and every day.

quiet operation.

From the serrated edged condenser fan blades to the fully enclosed floor mount electric stand-by kit, the TDJS series offer extremely quiet operation making it an ideal equipment choice for inner city and household delivery distribution applications.


Technical Specs

Model ID
Cooling capacity (ATP tested)
CS55 3D Scroll Compressor CS90 3D Scroll Compressor CS90 3D Scroll Compressor CS150 3D Scroll Compressor CS90 3D Scroll Compressor(Economiser) CS150 3D Scroll Compressor (Economiser)
@ 0°c
2,939 Watt 4,135 Watt 4,760 Watt 5,421 Watt 6,040 Watt 6,990 Watt
@ -20°c
1,655 Watt 2,225 Watt 2,448 Watt 3,077 Watt 3,424 Watt 4,270 Watt
R452A, 1.8kg R452A, 1.8kg R452A, 2.1kg R452A, 2.1kg R452A, 3.0kg R452A, 3.0kg
Air flow
1,512㎥/h 1,512㎥/h 1,548㎥/h 1,548㎥/h 1,818㎥/h 1,818㎥/h
88kg* 89kg* 99kg* 103kg* 117kg* 117kg*

Please note the systems above also come in multi-temp. *Plus Auxiliary Stand-by refrigeration(with electric motor/compressor) TPKS15 (for TDJS35) & TPKS20 (for TDJS50) 74kg, TPKS24 (TDJS70 stand-by kit) 140kg.