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TU series

think outside the box for maximum reliability, performance and payload.

The Mitsubishi TU series is the model range that ticks all the boxes when it comes to rigid trucks and drive through trailer refrigeration units, suited to rigid body sizes from 10 right up to 16 pallets and drive through trailer combinations, the TU is the under-mount that has it all and does it all, from being Powerful, Efficient, Durable, Dependable, Light weight, User-friendly, Versatile, to most importantly very Reliable, the TU series offers better payload through better weight distribution and an ultra slim range of evaporators. The TU series range from single temperature models up to 2 and 3 compartment multi-temperature models that have extended maintenance intervals and with or without economiser. The Mitsubishi TU series offers exceptionally high cooling capacity from a compact design thanks to Mitsubishi patented 3D scroll compressor and thoughtful design features built in. While others have tried and failed, the Mitsubishi TU is the one undermount that provides day in, and day out.



Advantages of the tu series


  • Available in single temperature and multi-temperature models, Multi-temperature available in 2 or 3 compartment variants.
  • 4 size evaporators available (multi-temperature models only), all evaporators are ultra slim (200mm) allowing maximum loading of cargo.
  • 5 models of TU series are available, so finding a TU to suit your needs and budget is very possible.

3D scroll compressor

  • The Mitsubishi patented 3D scroll compressor in all of the TU series is available in two variants: 125.6㎤ and 144.5㎤.
  • Efficient, reliable and robust yet powerful, the Mitsubishi 3D scroll compressor is more efficient and has a longer service life than other compressor types.


  • With the practical remote control, you can conveniently check the system functions from the cab via a digital display and make any setting adjustments.
  • Being mounted under the body ensures a quieter environment in the truck cabin, therefore satisfying the fussiest of operator.
  • Electric standby standard: Powerful 7.0kW and 5.5kW Fuji electric motors, slow speed with high transmission, making it extremely quiet and durable and automatic phase detection.

less maintenance 

  • All major components requiring maintenance are easily accessible and have long maintenance intervals.
  • Low maintenance evaporator fan motors due to generously dimensioned fan brushes, high quality collectors and collector bearings as well as hardened collector rings.
  • Designed for long life of serviceable parts such as drive belts and pulleys.


practical design.

Higher truck cabs and lower bodies are possible due to the underfloor installation of the TU series. Weight distribution is optimised offering more payload capabilities.

Ideal dimensions the Mitsubishi TU series offer the right size for every requirement.

small but powerful.

The compact but immensely powerful TU series offers superior cooling capacity in all environments and ambient temperatures.

With economiser standard in the TU100 and TU1250 models these models offer greater cooling capacity than many nose mount models.


The frame and panels components are characterised by reliable corrosion protection.

Manufactured with the highest quality components the TU series have a very long-life expectancy while giving exceptionally low cost of life.


The Mitsubishi TU undermount series are proven to be as, if not more, reliable than the competitions conventional nose mounted units.

Only the highest quality components used which give the TU series extended service intervals and a reputation of reliability that is second-to-none. 


The modern in-cab controller with its easy to read LCD display puts you in full control. With the ability to use 4 pre-set target temperature set points and historical data retrieval via USB, The TU series are the most user-friendly series available in todays market.

Low noise in the truck cab provides operators with a better environment to perform their daily duties, OH&S friendly location of the under-mounted condenser gives peace of mind when servicing and performing pre-shift checks.


Technical Specs

Model ID
tu100 mt
tu1250 mt
Cooling capacity  (ATP tested)
CS130 3D Scroll Compressor CS130/150 3D Scroll Compressor CS130 3D Scroll Compressor CS130 3D Scroll Compressor (Economiser) CS130 3D Scroll Compressor (Economiser)
@ 0°c
9,600 Watt 11,601 Watt 10,421 Watt 11,601 Watt 12,122 Watt
@ -20°c
5,153 Watt Depending on system configuration 5,647 Watt 6,741 Watt Depending on system configuration
R452A, 3.9kg R452A, 6.0kg max R452A, 3.9kg R452A, 4.6kg R452A, 6.0kg max
Air flow
2,663㎥/h 2,800㎥/h * 2,663㎥/h 2,663㎥/h 2,663㎥/h *
479kg 435kg** 479kg 479kg 435kg**
Yanmar 3TNV76/3 Yanmar 3TNV76/3 Yanmar 3TNV76/3 Yanmar 3TNV76/3 Yanmar 3TNV76-XMR

 *Evaporator type; L: 2,800 ㎥/h, MW: 1,974㎥/h, M: 1,800㎥/h, S: 1,200㎥/h.

**Plus; Evaporator L: 50kg / MW: 37kg, M: 31kg, S: 25kg.