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Tnw series

compact and light yet reliable and durable, the tnw series is a model range of units that is so easy to operate, you don't need an engineers degree.

The Mitsubishi TNW series of traditional nose mount units have proven over time to provide unmatched reliability and durability. With its advanced visual recognition and operability, the user-friendly in-cab controller allows drivers of any experience level to operate without getting confused by sophisticated controllers as what seems to have become the industry norm. The TNW5E is suited from 6 to 8 pallet trucks, the TNW7E is suited from 10 to 12 pallet standard body size trucks. 




Advantages of the Tnw series


  • The TNW panels are made of high impact resin materials have excellent resistance to corrosion, UV deterioration and impact, if damaged does occur, the panels are often repairable.
  • Compact and lightweight, with the high-capacity refrigeration cycle of the TNW series, the efficiency has contributed to down-sizing the engine and AC motor requirements, resulting in reduced overall size and weight of each TNW model.
  • Low noise and low vibration, the adaption of vibration-proof power tray system in which the vibration causing components are all mounted on the same frame, this reduces the propagation of vibration and solid borne sound, resulting in low noise and low vibration.

beyond expectation

  • Engineered with exceptionally reliable components from the Mitsubishi in-house compressor and engine offer outstanding performance with a reputation for long life and high reliability.
  • Precise temperature control, cooling and heating capacity is automatically applied at two speeds with cooling and heating switched depending on the cargo area temperature requirements.
  • High ambient temperature operation, all TNW series are proven to operate in some of the most extreme conditions on earth, proven reliability when it matters most. 


  • A modern, user-friendly, and very functional in-cab controller always puts you in complete control. You can conveniently adjust settings and read operational informational from the comfort of the drivers seat with ease.
  • 3 phase 400V electric standby standard, the high-efficiency premium motor "IE3" delivers high capacity with less energy consumption.
  • Each TNW is equipped with automatic, manual or customer-specific adjustable timer defrosting.
  • The mounting design allows for replacing a comparative OEM unit with a TNW series without modifying front wall apertures. 

less maintenance

  • The large capacity evaporator fan motors are fully enclosed to provide reliable and highly efficient continuous operation for many years.
  • Mitsubishi assembles the TNW series with the highest quality components available, this is how we guarantee the highest levels of reliability and durability for every TNW.
  • All significant components requiring maintenance are easily accessible.
  • Designed for a long life of serviceable parts such as belts and pulleys.



The user-friendly cabin controller with its large screen is informative yet uncomplicated that any level of experience operator can use it with ease.

electric standby.

All TNW series models come equipped with 3 phase 400V electric standby as a standard feature.

compact and low weight.

The design and use of highly efficient components used in every TNW series models make the most compact and lightest nose mount compared to comparative OEM units.

low noise and vibration.

All TNW models are low noise and low vibration, enabling a better work environment for operators and the wider community.


Technical Specs

Model ID
Cooling capacity  (ATP tested)
CR2318L Reciprocating Compressor CR2323L Reciprocating Compressor
@ 0°c
6,235 Watt 7,918 Watt
@ -20°c
3,238 Watt 5,042 Watt
R404A, 2.5kg R404A, 3.6kg 
Air flow
2,286㎥/h 6,120㎥/h
385kg 490kg
Mitsubishi 2-cylinder Mitsubishi 3-cylinder

 *Condenser, evaporator, generator, batteries and fixing materials.